What is the ADAO Staking Portal?

The ADAO staking portal is a frontend interface for interacting with Smart contracts deployed on Cardano, it allows you to trustlessly stake Cardano assets and earn rewards based on amount and time staked.

How do I use the ADAO staking portal?

From the homepage you will be able to see the list of incentivised pools and availible rewards for staking to that pool. Simply deposit the cooresponding asset(s) via the "deposit" button and periodicly claim your rewards via the "Harvest" button.

Where are my assets held?

The ADAO staking portal is "non-custodial". When you stake/deposit your asset(s) in a pool they are held in a Plutus smart contract on-chain, they are "owned" by your privet key and withdrawable only by that same privet key.

Is it open source?

Yes! All of the valadation code/Smart contracts are open source and can be found in the ADAOcommunity GitHub. Always demand open source.

Is it free?

A small fee is placed on the deposit action and a smaller fee is placed on harvest, these fees help us cover the cost to manage this service.

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards are calculated and accumulated via a snapshot mechanic off-chain, they are based on the amount a user has staked